Women led to make a difference for Christ

Our lives have been so blessed.  We were raised in America with all the safety, wealth, education and freedom that this country provides. We grew up and each in our own time and way found Christ as our saviour.  Twenty one years ago we gathered together with the idea of being the Lord's hands and feet in this world. We began with a project to work with the orphans in Romania. For sixteen years we helped fund orphanages, provide micro-loans for businesses, and created programs for handicapped children and life skills training for older orphans so they could support themselves when they left the orphanages as adults.  We visited Romanial nine times to lend our hands to the work there and make many new friends.  By 2014 all the programs were self sustaining.

In 2009 we began a new project to bring water wells to Niger in west Africa.  Our first trip in 2010 was to dedicate the first well.  Over the years we have raised nearly $1.5 million for the various projects.

Members also keep busy with our local projects which, like our international ones, focus on women and children, the poor and those most in need. We pray, study, advocate, serve and support.

For those of us involved in Colorado Women of Vision, it has become a passion to serve those whom God has put in our path. One of our members on returning from Romania said she felt that this small group of women had left a thumbprint on an entire nation…what an awesome thought...to be used where God calls us!



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